Stump Grinding and Removal



For those who are looking to smooth out surfaces in their yard or property but are hindered by cumbersome stumps, look no further than the Speech Tree Service App stump grinding or removal service.

We have highly skilled professionals who can either grind your stump down to ground level or have it removed entirely.

What You Should Know: Grinding vs. Removal

Some may be a little bit confused about the difference between stump grinding and removal. Since there are different price points for the two services, we have received many questions concerning them. We thought it would be a good idea to save you time and give you the information here.


Stump grinding is ideal for those who want to have a quick fix for an even surface. This is a good call if you are looking to open up some space in your backyard or remove the obstacle or hindrance of a stump. What we do is cut the stump into pieces and then grind it down until it is at ground level. As a result, you still have a stump in your backyard, but it is out of the way. You could even run a lawn mower over it with no problem if you wanted to do that.


Stump removal, on the other hand, is a little bit more involved. In this process, we actually remove the stump as well as all of the roots that remain attached to it. This process is ideal if you are looking to lay down some pipes or set down some sort of below ground foundation or something. Because it involves removing all of the roots, there is some digging involved. If you are doing it in your backyard, you should expect there to be some potential damage to your lawn. This may not be a big deal if you are dealing with emergency storm damage removals. The process is also more expensive than stump grinding. It is, however, more thorough and complete. Most of the time, it is necessary for any kind of construction.