App Development Is Still Profitable For Business

There are about 2 million apps in the App store and 2.2 million on Play Store. According to some statistics, only 25% of the downloaded apps are utilized just 1 time in 6 months. Until very recently the popularity and productivity of a platform were considered on the basis of the number of mobile apps available in its marketplace.

However, like with every new phenomenon people simply went overboard with app development and this has led to a slump in the app market. This is also because all apps don’t have the features and functionalities which attract the user interest.

Smart devices have become more and more sophisticated and have integrated technologies like front and back cameras having better resolution, smart device integration and much more. In spite of all this mobile app development is still a profitable business because the future will see a lot of use of applications and mobility.

The amount of mobile app development has also reduced, and the reason behind this is the rising competition. At the same time, there is also an evolution of some technologies which has made app development easier and less time-consuming.

Profitability in this business is not just due to the reduced cost of app development but also due to the number of people who are adopting Smartphones. Right now Games is the most popular category in mobile development, but enterprises, as well as eCommerce portals, are getting profits due to these. These are the reasons that many businesses still prefer mobile app development.

Benefits Of Mobile App Development For Business

The arena of mobile application development is fast because of the efforts of companies like Google, Microsoft and other. Nowadays it is possible to create brand awareness about your business by using mobile app development. This will allow you to address a huge target audience with much less effort and expense.

Mobile Applications Are Suited For Businesses

Mobile applications are more suited for small and medium-sized businesses, which helps them to spread information about promotions and upcoming events to their clients and target customer base. It is also helpful in the process of customer retention and at the same time enhancing their customer base. Mobile apps are a far better alternative to sending messages through emails which require more effort and time and you may not even come to know whether the message reached the people intended. With the help of mobile apps, it is possible to get immediate acknowledgment from your customer who will feel special about receiving a personalized message.


Mobile phone apps help to narrow the gap between customers and businesses. The customers are also able to keep track of their activities with particular business houses. Mobile app development also helps small and medium businesses to gather contacts and use them effectively during marketing campaigns. 

They also provide the customer with an easy method to contact you like customer service, GPS directions to your nearest store and much more. This is the reason that more and more medium and small businesses are adopting mobile app development to enhance their efficacy and profitability.

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