About Speech Tree

Hello there!

If you are reading these words, then you have accessed our little home on the web. Here at Speech Tree Service App, we offer only the very best in tree care for your property. Whether your concern is safety, aesthetics, or even the health of your trees and other growing things on your property, we have you covered. On this particular page, you will find out a little bit about where we came from and how we became to be the arbor care service that we are now. So, grab a snack and a drink and sit back to enjoy our story!


Starting in the Arts

Way back when, we had no idea that we would be doing stump grinding, branch trimming, and tree removal. We were just a bunch of woodworkers that made things out of wood in the same shop. Primarily, we were furniture builders. We made benches, tables, bed frames, armoirs, and a whole lot of other things.

Our businesses were going pretty well, but the nature of the wood and furniture business is tough. It was hard to make ends meet and also pay rent for the shop. While we wanted to keep working with wood, we realized that we needed to alter our tactics to make ends meet.

However, a brilliant idea struck us. We started our Speech Tree Service App to help others with tree care and removal. We then used this wood to make furniture. As a result, we were able to save money on both wood supplies and make money on arbor care.

Needless to say, the business took off and two years later we are here with a fancy website. Thanks for being loyal and good customers to us!