There are about 2 million apps in the App store and 2.2 million on Play Store. According to some statistics, only 25% of the downloaded apps are utilized just 1 time in 6 months. Until very recently the popularity and productivity of a platform were considered on the basis of the number of mobile apps available in its marketplace. However, like with every new phenomenon people simply went overboard with app development and this has led to a slump in the app market. This is also because all apps don’t have the features and functionalities which attract the user interest. Smart devices have become moreRead More →

In the recent years, mobile app development industry has seen some awesome innovative products and the industry is undergoing a complete makeover. Advanced technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data Cloud computing are in the news and today’s lifestyles apps play a major role in making everyday tasks simpler and easier. There are mobile apps for everything nowadays, and it has been proven by studies that most mobile users spend considerable time looking for new and more advanced apps. The app development trends to look out for include high-level mobile app security. This is especially to protect app users from hackers because no oneRead More →